My recent focus has been making simple forms for my bourry box wood firing kiln. I am interested in a return to functional tableware for daily use. This phase of my work has grown from a 3 month Asialink Residency in India. Working with traditional Rajasthani potters I reprogrammed my head /hand throwing action to their way of rapid and continuous making. I planned to free my forms from the static aesthetic of my earlier tableware. I have limited the clays and glazes I use, the variations within these limitations are endless in no small part to the nature of the firing. I live on a property that has an abundant and constantly replenished supply of fallen timber for fuelling this kiln. I fire for about 14 hours to 1300 degrees.

I aim for the work to be a pleasure to use and that a sense of the maker’s hand is evident.

In parallel make a ‘handmade’ series. Small porcelain vessels decorated in the limited palette of metal oxides with elemental motifs.

I continue to build on connections with Indian potters, in particular traditional Rajasthani communities. In recent years taking small group tours  to share my experiences within these communities. Bi-annually Manohar Lal and another visit Australia for workshops and other activities, for more information go to


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