I have returned to the pottery wheel after 5 years handmaking vessels. Early 2012 I spent 3 months in India on an Asialink Residency. Working with traditional potters I reprogrammed my head /hand throwing action to their way of rapid and continuous making. I planned to free my forms from the static aesthetic of my earlier tableware. I aim for the user  of my work to have a sense of the maker’s hand. I have also returned to glaze. In the series of the day of making, the forms of the preceding vessels are embodied. This results in a collection of related objects.  The alchemy of heat on these simple glazed  forms is the final element in creating a vessel that I intend is a pleasure to use. 

Most recently I have begun to fire in my newly built woodfiring kiln. This is a great adventure although in many ways it is a return to my very early days albeit with a new aesthetic. I encourage graceful lines, especially of rims, when the 'clay memory' of making reveals itself during high temperature firing.  

I continue to make the ‘handmade’ series. I am still impressed with the handbuilding qualities of the porcelain clays we have access to in Australia and enjoy the use of the limited palette of metal oxides for elemental decorative motifs.


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