Stacks in Balance

Stacks in Balance. A Crosshatched  project commissioned by  the Australia –India Councils  the celebrate its 20th Anniversary  and to be included in the Exhibition KINDNESS/UDARTA  at The Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.  

The Crosshatched Artists, India 2012:  Ann Ferguson,  Sandra Bowkett. Bhuvnesh Prasad,  Dharmveer and Rajesh Kumari,  Kalu Ram and Family, Kajor Ram, Manohar Lal and Family, Mantu Chittrakar,  Pradyumna Kumar  Pushpa Kumari;  Interpreter Vineeta Singh and with assistance from Minhazz Majumdar.

 In Hindi Kindness is expressed in many different ways.

Ann and I briefly discussed, would we address the title of the exhibition, considering the many challenges we perceived to be ahead, including a spoken language barrier and time limitations we put this aside, however, it was the generosity, trust and patience of the participants that bought this project to a successful outcome. Kindness  in its many permeations is embodied in the work.

The full story is coming but here are a few images to give you the picture.