First weeks in India

27.2.2012 I have now been in India 3 weeks. Ann Ferguson arrived last week and so we are about to start Stacks 2( working title). The plan was to begin this morning but a slight hitch so it is now a good time  to reflect on my first 3 weeks here. The first week was given to ‘getting connected’, phone, internet , interpreter, work space and living space, this went well and even had time for a quick trip to Rajasthan for a family ritual obligation with Dharmveer’s family ( he was in Australia for Tallarook Stacks last year).  I began my work the following week. The intention is to retrain my throwing to the rapid continuous technique of the kalud potters ( makers of small vessels ‘use and throw’) I want to do this to free up the forms  I make efficiently. I have a wheel space at Manohal Lal’s (ML, Australia 2003,2008, 2011) family workspace. The first challenge was using the open ended cutting string to take the pot from the lump and place it.  ML and I team threw for awhile, him throwing, me cutting and placing, this was fun, I got the idea but not mastered. Each throwing session I focus on a specific aspect on what looks like a simple process, subtle actions make the difference.  It is great to be able to visit other potter’s work places to see the different actions to get the different forms. I am a long way from the forms I eventually want to make but it is a rewarding process and wonderful to have a focus for my stay here.  Now I know the short cut to ML’s I can relax on the walk and take in the diverse and dense life of Kumhaargram ( potters colony). The hospitaly of the potters we know and the ones we don’t is most generous.

Team Throwing with Manohar Lal Team Throwing with Manohar Lal on my first day.

Jugdish looking over my sessions work, beside the wheel Im using. Jugdish looking over my sessions work, the wheel I am using on the left.