Chanyka Place Stacks 2 with Bhuvnesh Mantu Pradyumna and Pushpa

Early last week Mantu, Pradyumna, Pushpa, Ann and I met to work on pots made by Bhuvnesh at his workshop at Chanyka Place. We comforably moved into working mode enjoying working on tBhruvnesh finishing a piecehe beautiful forms made by Bhuvnesh for Stacks 2. Our group engrossed in the process of working on Bhruvnesh's potsMantu

Pushpa and one of her pieces

Ann working on her piece

Since then Ann and I have been working on the rooftop workshop at Manohar Lal’s and Karlo Devi’s.  It is a great place to work and we still gets lots of visitors including the youngest ones crawling up the stairs. Yesterday we had the first of the works come out of the kiln, we were relieved to see they all survived the fire. 


our rooftop workshop                           View from our rooftop workshop during a matka painting session

                                                                        Stacking the kiln with some of our work